Photography and Flute ~ Melody Thamar Saunders                               

 Original Music and Guitar ~ Sotos Kappas                                           

 Video ~ Galaxy Productions


​Nikos Kazantzakis
As you set out for Ithaca, hope the journey is a long one, full of adventure and full of discovery.
​May there be many a summer morning when, with what pleasure, what joy, you come into harbors seen for the first time.

Ithaca ~ C.P. Cavafy


 I hope for nothing.                                 

 I fear nothing.                                        

 I am free.
​Nikos Kazantzakis


A favorite place for me in Greece is the town of Glossa,on the island of Skopelos, which lives in the northern Agean Sea.

I go there to see relatives of friends I have

 here in the States, as well as seeing them in Glossa 

when they go to visit their familes.

One one of my trips there, I photographed

these two wonderful  faces. 

The humour that came from this photograph was

my dad's two great captions for them.

"We're the girls that live in Glossa. 

 don't brush and we don't flossa."


"My names Agnes, this is Ruth. 

Between us both we gotta one tooth."

I still cannot remember why they were laughing.

Maybe my broken Greek.


My dear friend here in Portland, Ted Papas, owned the Greek Cusina on SW Fourth and Washington in downtown. He had hung up this 30"x40" photograph, along with several others

 from my Greek travels in his restaurant.  

One day he phoned me to say a man came into the Cusina, stopped in fron of the photograph and began to cry.

As it turned out, the women were his Mother 

and his Auntie, who had passed away.

This man lives in Glossa (and as I mentioned earlier, is a small island in the Aegean Sea), and had traveled to visit his cousin Thomas (who also owns a Greek restaurant in Vancouver B.C., and is why I went to Glossa in the first place), 

then came to Portland (OR ), and went to the only Greek 

restaurant where my photograph  was hanging.

Ted gave him my contact number if he

wanted  print and/or to meet me.

I asked Thomas to get in touch with the gentleman as well ... but as stories go, it ended on that note.

My message is be very careful not to put  funny captions 

under someones Mother or Aunties photograph.

The world is smaller than one thinks !


The Great Vacuum Cleaner Cover - Up

One of my "dogter" Korki's favorite games.

The Frogs by Aristophanes

This is a great song from Sondheim's THE FROGS, with the actor telling the audience what not to do during a performance in a very amusing and clever way.