Reviews ~ 2019



Lovely experience working with such a charismatic and talented photographer and our first photo shoot together will be one that I will cherish and remember.




Melody,  Yours is truly  a sterling talent ! I am the fortunate one - reipient of the "Melody Magic."  XOXO Luanne

Bus Clark ~Former Mayor Of Portland, OR


Melody, I want you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy the pictures you have taken of me. Lots of people have taken lots of pictures of me, but you have done an outstanding job.Thank you.

This photograph is also in my book, "Dump Your Therapist, Stick Out Your Tongue."



I've had tons of kudos regarding my picture, for which I thank you mega tons. Thanks to you and Tolu for making me look as great as you did.

​Claudia Halper, RN, CPHQ

RuthAnne De LA Vega


I've had lots of kudos regarding my photo, for which I thank you mega tons !  Ruthanne





I haven't looked that good​​ since I was 45. Great job.

​David Jorling


Thanks so much, Melody - I'm very happy with all of them !

​Kathleen Porter

​Natural Posture Solutions - Owner


The "Melody" from our hearts is thank you. Your creativity was revealed in all the photos, and truly caught the "beginning of the best." We are ecstatic over our lovely enlarged wedding photo. You bring sunshine, love, and fantasy into your lens. Your gift, like our love, will everlasting be. Thank you for giving us our "vision of love."

Melodiously yours, Cathy and Leo (Crosby - Hansen)

Keith, you are a wonderful subject to photograph. Must be the Pastor in you !

Peggy and my daughter were impressed with however you got the old man to relax. They say these are the best professional photos that they've ever seen done for me.

​I've got to say that getting my picture taken has usually been as painful as a trip to the dentist. Not with you ! I look forward to doing it again sometime. I feel you've captured my essence well in the shutter.

Love, Joy, and Peace, Pastor Keith

Melody, Beard's was fortunate to be  involved with the Northwest Pet and Companion Fair this year, and I enjoyed working with you as well. You have a kind spirit and a talented eye for photography. Thanks for sharing your photos !

Best, Kelly Carver, Northwest Framing and Director of Operations

(Northwest Pet and Companion Fair)

Dear Melody, We are overwhelmed, and thank you is such a little word, but it means so much.You outdid yourself. The shots are a grand story, They really tell it. The intensity of the personality comes barrelling through. I'll agree, part of that is your subject matter (parental pride acknowledged), but part of it too, is the perception of the photographer, developing with a sensitivity. So, on all scores, including the thoughtfulness of providing a set for us, your pictures are appreciated.

​Sincerely, Mrs. Elwood Carl

Dear Melody, Just wanted once again to express our sincere thanks for the beautiful pictures you took at our wedding.They are everything we wanted, better even than our highest expectations.

Love, Randy and Jim Weiss

Melody, You are a sensational photographer !!! There wasn't a bad picture in the three hundred. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled all of us are with your wonderful pictures. A million thanks for helping make Lori and Howard's wedding a memory that will always be alive in your pictures.

​Fondly, Ann Levinson

Melody, You're one of the sweetest people in the whole world. John and I feel so fortunate to have had you take our pictures. Thank you for all your hard work, caring, and the many pictures you took. We will be forever grateful.

Lots of love, Martha Savage

Dearest Melody, Pat and I are most grateful for your concern and attention on our behalf. It wouldn't be a party without you, and your making the pictures​ a vital part of our memory.

​Love, Jerry Epstein